TesseractEd was started out of a need to address the problems of the future by providing 21st century skills for the students of today. We have collaborated with a variety of experts in their chosen fields, to develop modules that will teach the children of today how to solve the global issues that are bound to arise tomorrow. All our modules are inspired and lead by the latest research in the industry, as well as the most up-to-date education science, rendering courses that provide the most effective means to inspire your children in following new career paths and developing new interests, while they solve the problems of the future.




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Frequently Asked Questions



There are, inevitably, questions that need answering when it comes to a new style of learning such as this. We want our parental information to be as transparent as possible and so some of the main concerns that parents have are addressed here.


How do I sign up my child/children?

To sign up your child/children to any of our modules, please complete our contact forms and we will be in touch.

What safety features are in place for internet use?

We have delved deep to curate and develop the material based on propriety, safety and effectiveness.

What is the price of the modules?

All module prices vary and will be available to you once the free sign-up form is completed and your child is enrolled. Our fees are a small price to pay when it comes to your child solving the problems of the future.

What does my child need for the modules?

Your child will need basic reading skills and a laptop/ tablet or a mobile device in order to explore the future worlds of learning, through TesseractEd.

What can my child learn from taking these modules?

Your child will get the opportunity to work with experts from all over the world. A chance to be inspired, reflective and innovative when it comes to 21st century skills.

Are the courses separate from the school curriculum?

The courses are aligned to the school curriculum and we use it as a springboard to explore learning beyond the syllabus, to address the various problems of the future.


Enquire Today

If you can’t see the question you’d like answered or the information you require, fill out our enquiry form and send us your questions about the problems of the future and what we can do for your child. We’ll be in touch soon.