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TesseractEd always look forward. With the help of our experts, we have identified a number of key areas for the future and are now providing 21st century skills for students, so that they can learn and grow into new careers and new specialisations in the decades to come. Our problem-based learning approach has enabled us to identify important speed-bumps on humanity’s road to progress and our expert associates and mentors have been invaluable in developing our modules. Now, you can pass that crucial knowledge of the future on your children, ahead of time, readying them for the global changes that are still to come.



Our Core Beliefs

TesseractEd was started with parents in mind, to make it easier for working parents to ensure that their children get the skills that they need to get a leg-up over the competition, at school and in life. Children are forced to follow certain curriculums in the classroom, but we want to make our courses fun, creative and future-ready. We’re a government-backed organisation, collaborating with industry professionals throughout the creation and administration of these courses. It’s vital for the children of today to be aware of the problems of tomorrow earlier in life, so that they can be equipped to deal with these as they grow and change into the adults of the future. Our problem-based learning approach ensures that this happens.





Our Mentors


  Prof. R.K. Srivastava



  Prof. Kiran Fernandes



  Dr. Atanu Chaudhuri






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Our Experts

All of our courses and modules are informed and designed in consultation with experts in their chosen fields, from all around the world. We select a balance of University Professors, focused on the theoretical elements of their field, with people working at the very top of their chosen industry.




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Our Approach

Our problem-based learning approach is designed to bring together the education of today with the difficulties of tomorrow. So many similar digital education programmes bifurcate this process, focusing either on the school curriculum as it currently is, or on completely separate subjects, removed entirely from what the children of today are learning, never bringing the two together. We use the current curriculum as a springboard, from which we go on to explore other issues, grounding them in a world that children can understand and engage with.


If you think that any of our problem-based learning courses, modules and webinars could be right for your child, get in touch through our sign up form and we’ll be in touch soon with more information and to enrol your child.





TesseractEd was started out of a need to address the problems of the future by providing 21st century skills for the students of today. We have collaborated with a variety of experts in their chosen fields, to develop modules that will teach the children of today how to solve the global issues that are bound to arise tomorrow. All our modules are inspired and lead by the latest research in the industry, as well as the most up-to-date education science, rendering courses that provide the most effective means to inspire your children in following new career paths and developing new interests, while they solve the problems of the future.

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